Flexible Time Tracker

Track time periods and events of your employees and clients
Working times, project durations, points in time

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Swift start

Add users and create any clocks or events you wish to keep track of. You don't need specialized time tracking hardware

Measure clocks and events

Your Android phones with Tikin mobile app are your timers. Let users track time with proximity cards or Becon zones

Analyze and improve

Collected data is stored in the cloud. Use your Tikin web panel to analyze and draw conclusions

No more timesheets filling

Time is money. Control it

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  • Employees

    Track your employees clock in / clock out times or any other clocks and events you create for them: breaks, entrusted assignments

  • Projects

    Check progress of ongoing projects
    Whether it lasts one hour or couple of weeks - be up-to-date

  • Customers, proteges

    Register hours of your customers stay in your establishment. Generate reports of how do your clients use your business

  • Production processess

    Analyze quantities and times needed to create single products
    Check their production times

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Here’s what you get with Tikin

  • Swift and flexible tracking of any clocks and events you wish
  • Broad spectrum of usage - from work schedules to projects progress and production control
  • Low installaion costs - No need for specialised time control devices and advanced systems
  • Use basic NFC proximity cards or Beacon zones to gather information faster
  • Flexible pricing plans according to your needs
  • Imporove productivity and efficiency of your company - analyze your time data and draw conclusions