How it works - it is easier than you think can be used anywhere, where time is of the essence. With our software you can easily keep track of such processes as employees work times, projects duration and progress, customers usage of your business establishment. Define your own processes (we called them clocks) and important points in time (we called them events) you wish to measure and get started.

All you need is an Android device supporting NFC technology, which you can turn into your company's time recorder. Users will be able to operate clocks and events assigned to them right after they approximate their card to the smartphone (time recorder).

You can also use beacon technology, thanks to which you will change your employees smartphones into time-recorders, that are active within beacon zone range.

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How does work

Turn your phone into time tracker

  • mobile app can be run on any Android phone or tablet
  • can work with any number of such time recorders
  • You don't need an expensive and dedicated hardware in order to let users "punch in/out"
  • Swiftly create time recorders, that support proximity NFC cards for your employees or customers
  • or use beacon technology and use employees bluetooth smartphones as time recorders, that can be used within beacon zones
How does work

Users register their clocks and events

  • Users use their proximity NFC cards and your NFC enabled Android devices to record their clocks and events.
  • Or they can use Tikin mobile app directly on their smartphones while in range of your beacon zones
How does work web panel - observe, analyze and draw conclusions

  • Data collected from your time recorders is stored in the cloud
  • You can access this information any time from web panel
  • Create and edit clocks, events, users, time recorders and beacon zones
  • Monitor and control clocks and events entries, generate time reports
  • Improve efficiency of processes in your business
How does work

Let's answer some of Frequently Asked Questions

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It's easy:

1) Sign up for free and access your Tikin web panel, where you can add users (employees, customers, etc) and assign them their NFC cards. You can also create clocks and events you wish to track.

2) Download mobile app
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which will transform your Android device into time tracker. New time trackers can be added in your Tikin web panel.
There are 2 entirely different ways, you can track time in
a) by using NFC cards or tags - if you intend to use NFC cards, make sure that your Android device is NFC-enabled. Users will be able to operate clocks and events you assign them, after they tap their NFC cards against your time trackers.
b) by using beacon technology - if you intend to use BLE beacons, users will be able to use their own Android phones as time trackers. They will be able to operate clocks and events you assign them, whenever they are within your beacon zone range.

3) That's about it. You are ready to go.

NFC cards or tags can be easily bought online (on eBay for example). Some phones may be incompatible with certain NFC cards, despite the fact, that producer equipped a phone with NFC module. This is why we recommend acquiring inexpensive NTAG cards, which are supported by majority of NFC devices
For testing purposes you can use your contactless payment credit card (tap-to-pay card). It works the same way. You don't have to worry about your savings - Tikin reads only card ID number. No other information is read or written. uses ordinary Android devices and transform them into convenient time trackers.
You can run Tikin mobile app on any device that:
a) runs Android OS (v4.0 or later)
b) is NFC enabled (only if you plan on using NFC tags - if you intend to use BLE beacons, all you need is a device that has Blutetooth)

Beacons are small, inexpensive and low-power devices that allow e.g. detecting nearby phones. Thanks to using BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) technology, beacons can run for as long as couple of years on one charge. can take advantage of this interesting technology. Every user owns his or her own time tracker (Android phone) and can operate clocks and events, whenever they are within beacon zone range.
In other words: if you use beacons, you won't need to place time trackers in your building/office. Users can track their clocks and events with their own Android phones, while being within beacon zone range.
If you want to use Bluetooth Beacon technology, you should acquire devices produced by or Estimote.